A leisurely snow, falls from the sky. The cold streets are filled with impatient cars, eager to be no place in particular. The traffic filling the sidewalks, carries disappointment. A complacent surrender. What this day might bring, hangs heavy around this city. Like a dark, dirty cloud.

Symbolic Nineteen

Hindrances harboring hindsight, hastily hewn, heavily heaved hesitation, harboring harebrained hillbilly, handmade hazelnut honestly honed, hooey humorously held hostage

Exceeding enigmas, evenly enumerated excellently, enticing established engraving, expressly emerging enthusiasm excluding extroverted energy, eclaircissement expressionlessly extracted each evening

Quickly quizzed quibble, qualified quirky quip, quivering qoutes quarreling quietly, quenched queries quest quite quaintly, quadrupled quantifiability, qualified quackery

Under ungainly undertakings, universally unprecedented unitary urges upended, until unpacked umbrage undoes uneasiness, unlike unearthed unity, untainted ultimatum unopposed

Peeling pedantic prose, planted profoundly, proffered platitudes placed, purely programmable pardons pilfered, pleasantly placated pilgrims peruse paranormal parallels passionately

Treading trivial testimonies, traced tightly, turning triumph torrid, textured theories transparently tumbled, trepidation teritorialized talkativeness telekinetically transmitted thoroughly throughout

Symbiotic symmetry swelling subliminal scrivening samples, sojourning silently, submerged soliloquy slightly sending sounds, solidly surrounding, scribbled salutations swaying serenely

Guardians of the Seven Gods

Xia Leafsong is the best Templar the Temple of Seven Gods has seen in a hundred years. Though her reputation as the Crimson Blade makes her legendary, she finally meets her match against the Black Wolf. This encounter changes everything as the death god awakens from his slumber and pulls them both into a world of gods, love and betrayal.



Barbie dolls, and Tonka trucks turn into bills, and debris trucks.

Pleasantly portrayed daydreams of days spent in simplicity.

Striving to enable idyllic actualities in the next generation.

Unwaning innocence is unattainable, whereas facilitation of extended juvenescence is preferable.

Making the acquaintance of well-rounded, lovely adults is the grade applied to the most important test, job, task you’ll ever face.

Never mistaken for commonplace.

Indelible impact filled with grace.


A butterfly sent to perch upon the nose

Likely to flutter its wings while in repose

Gather the image of fragrant things, as away it goes

Majestic Monarch in mid-flight,

Reaching new height

Placing itself on every petal

Ample proof of natures mettle

Ever changing, refusing to settle

Harmony without, so within

Nuture the ever present kin

Picturesque soothing internal din

Beguiling perception of all thats needed lying within

Providing an unvarnished grin