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Dark Lady

His slumber is filled with visions of her beauty and magic. She charms him with a voice calming to his soul. Night and day he rides in search of her. Through villages, across the prairie, upon the desert, and through the deep forest, ever searching. She beckons to him in brief dreams, seducing his waking […]


Conscious lock, Writers block Hard pressed for suitable stock Watching the clock So while you rock View every dock* As you mock The things admitted Must stay committed Latch onto ideas flitted Nary one omitted Pure countenance emitted Focus met, permitted Even the briefest of glimpses of clarity is benificial.

The Trilogy

Xia Leafsong is the best Templar the Temple of Seven Gods has seen in a hundred years. Though her reputation as the Crimson Blade makes her legendary, she finally meets her match against the Black Wolf. This encounter changes everything as the death god awakens from his slumber and pulls them both into a world […]