Invariably aim to be your own inspiration

Find the clues to shake your skull, bringing about positive rumination

During any perambulation

Gather sights and sounds that provide optimal jubilation

To use as solace, and consolation

When you feel plagued by vexation

Make of it a daily inclination

Frame positivity for duplication

Musn’t fall along those glimmering paths to deviation

Leading you to further enervation

The wrong path will lead to the culmination

Of your own conflagration

Seek only the facilitation

Of lifes rejuvenation

Shouldn’t require validation

The journey to recreation

Comes from personification

Of inner revelation

Self transfiguration

Will never be a task earning commendation

Be the best characterization

Beginning with the imagination


Along the Path

Stuck, no flowing

Underneath vines constantly growing

Entangling all knowing

Shadows keeping light from showing

To yourself you are owing

The clarity, and peace that needs sowing

Within a heart that has forgotten it’s glowing

Pieces gone with the breeze thats blowing

Can be gathered all along the way, reassembled with time, and thread for sewing


The rust beneath the very exterior
Makes the being feel inferior
Reminds you not to look too deep into the interior
Or feel much more drearier
All motives are ulterior
No matter how superior
It isn’t worth feeling wearier
It will only get eerier
Keep your thoughts all the cheerier
Don’t waste the years being the only querier