New Addictions, New Additions

New editions/additions are on the way, have been invited, will be showing a whole new spectrum of human capabilities. All work being your own, and staying your own. Slap your name beside it.

 I’ve dove in head first, no stopping for me. Don’t quit the day job, keep writing. Being read after departure still leaves traces, marks, imprints of a life, soul, mind. Exercise the muscle that has control over all others. Life goals obtained, aspiring, being more, is worth all the sanity I can tout. Departing silently, without a trace seems like so much time wasted. Why be here if it’s just wasted. If I’ve fallen down a selfish hole, redirect me, help me to keep the dearest souls near in my quest to expand and broaden my horizons. I can endeavor to keep my dearest souls informed of their importance to my very existence. 

Am I just a breath of oxygen another soul would have used more wisely? A space someone else wouldn’t waste? This path is a lonely one, always has been, always may be. Where do we belong? It isn’t an easily answerable question. What is belonging? Where is peace, solace, space, room to grow, freedom to change, no apology? Changes never requested, ever experienced. Accept it, know it, sift through it, make sense of it, proceed as the change allows. Is the shell armor, the new shield against the world. 

How well can one person know another? Feelings aren’t conscious thought to be persuaded or harried into forming, they just are there, or aren’t. Meet and learn as many new things as possible. Guide your own feelings into a place for your understanding along the way. Don’t tamp them down, until upon compression, they explode. Like so many firecrackers inside your brain. Shine your light inwards as well as out, be the light you’d like to see.