Nowhere to hide

Henry Roberts, Englishman, bounty hunter.  Arriving in New York, during the early 1870’s, he quickly decided to head west for adventure.  Giving up the opportunity to work in his uncle’s law practice.  Having single handedly thwarted a bank robbery, he found work as a territorial marshal’s deputy.  Aquiring considerable skills with a gun and in tracking those who run from justice, he decides to get paid for them.  Standing just over 6 feet tall, of medium build a decent looking fellow.  Most guess him to be early 30’s, he just turned 42.  Equally at home on a dusty trail, in a cow town saloon, or enjoying the best accomodations London, New York or San Francisco have to offer.  As Mr. Roberts boards the train, he is in pursuit of the most cunning and heinous killer he has tracked thus far.

Ron L.

Note:  Character created to take part in a group writing excersize.