Conceptual Musings

This is my first post on Word Press and indeed my first foray into anything remotely like this. My writings before have been private, self flagellating musings or ranty diatribes posing as narrative with my entertained quirks buried deep among the materials subtext.

That or the bare bones of an idea that I’ve attempted to throw into some state of being and then abandoned because I’ve had another idea that won’t wait its turn to exist. Then another. Then another. And…… well you get the picture. 

So with that gross negligence of any kind of focus or discipline I’ve decided that WordPress and, to a degree, my contributions to this blog (thanks Joy for the opportunity to donate my ramblings) will likely consist of proof of concept vignettes that will be laid bare for your eviscerating pleasure. Feel free to add your comments where appropriate (or not so).

I hereby do solemnly promise that I am up to no good. No wait that’s not mine, sorry Joanna. I will at least try to keep my attention on the task at hand and maybe, just maybe, finish something for once. 

Thank you and hello…..