Speak Up

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Living in Angola, Africa, 18-year-old Brackston Jenning’s life is suddenly turned upside down. His father receives a letter from the American Embassy stating they have an opening for a job in his father’s profession. Shy, Brackston is excited about the move because it means his family will be able to make more money. Yet, it plagues him horribly because he has to completely uproot everything, everyone, and the only thing he knows and loves.   
Carnise Harris has always been dark-skinned, yet has always been very comfortable in her own body and doesn’t allow the people who believe her dark skin is an imperfection to get her down. She is strong and independent. Unlike Carnise, the light-skinned Mizett gets more attention. Carnise doesn’t care about attention; she just wants to be successful. However, things begin to come to an abrupt end when Mizzy and Nisey’s mother tries to come back into their lives.   

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  1. I think take out “his father’s profession” and maybe elaborate as to how he and the girls go together, about to meet after the move, What? And that’s all I can see, honest opinion. Take or leave it.

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