Dark Like Me

Off the Top

Lungs burning, knees aching, twigs snapping under my bare feet as I dash through dark woods behind my house. The cool autumn breeze blows in my face causing my vision to blur. Birds fly away and owls hoot as I whisk pass the trees in the dead of night. A tingling pain in my knuckles radiates up my arms.

I stumble but catch myself. There is no going back after what I’ve done. No one to help me.

Beads of sweat slide down my face. I feel my curly black hair cling to it. I finally stop once I’m sure I’m away from the house. Collapsing on the wet ground, I hang my head and sob. The sobs turn to hysterical cries, cries for help, cries to stop the ache.

.Looking at my knuckles, I clench my fists. I bring them up to my eyes and cry. Banging my fists on my forehead, I wish nothing ever happened.

My tears dry. I stand up and look towards the full moon. Inhale as deep as I can.

Then, I let out the loudest scream ever.

The rest of the birds in the trees scatter away into the dark skies. I am alone, screaming for mercy.