Enforcing the Pig

The Sun illuminates the day, the enabler of my nemesis, my antagonist.

Once again must I mobilise my will and push it through the coming hell.

To merely survive the frontline of my being and the whims of my indifferent jailers.

The life that asks so much, the contract I cannot escape, though my name is lost in a sea of like.

My conditioning takes over, binding me to a system of a down that keeps me underground,

pushing the fruit of our labours up through the crust to be casually pissed away by the uncaring effluent above.

To live is to exist, to exist is to breathe, to breathe is to sacrifice yourself to the beauty of the beast.

To escape this infinite loop we must become the beast but in doing so we risk forgetting our kin.

And the ropes of servitude become transparent and we see only the unnatural order of things,

that has humanity climbing an ever expanding mound of corpses in order to reach the summit,

a summit that, when reached, only serves to lay us bare, showing us for what we are.

Frightened and Lonely, a loveless effigy of everything we hate about the world, everything we had to become to escape the system.

We have become the system, but at last we are free.

But still we breathe….