Abusing the Muse

Soul Bleach

Here’s some lyrics for a future rock anthem that I came up with on the throne (yes that one), the most imaginatively fertile of human cradles. I like to write and produce songs in my more lucid bubbles so hopefully one day this will make the trek down the lazily policed highways between my chaos palace and the real world.

It’s a tale of cognitive dissonance and self destruction. And of the duality that exists between our compliant (sic) exterior and our true interior (and often moderated but wantonly insubordinate) selves.


I Fail to Bleed

I live in a putrid hole

A fetid darkness for a soul

do my thinking with my fists

get my hatred from a list

To going down
Without a crown

All the lessons that I need
They can’t germinate the seed

I fail to bleed

Because my arms are open wide

Can barely see

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