The Serpent and the Toad

Once upon a time

There lived a princely toad

Inside an old oak tree

Along an old dirt road


He lived among the bugs

The worms and the debris

He sat upon a throne

Made of mud and leaves


He had a court of many

He ruled it just and true

But still his heart was empty

For, no love had made him blue


A young and foolish man was he

Until his fate was switched

By a nasty spell

Cast by an evil witch


“A toad you shall remain,” said she,

“A long forgotten prince

Until a kindly princess

Bestows on you a kiss.”


The toad had waited many years

Watching the seasons pass

Long giving up the hope

Of meeting a royal lass


Until one day his eyes did see

A princess by the lake

Resting in the sun was she

Eating a piece of cake


He hopped to her, his heart racing

Hoping that she would see

He wasn’t just a muddy toad

Living inside a tree


Before the toad could get the girl

A snake slid through the reeds

It slipped the toad a spiteful look

Then lay by the lady’s knees


The snake drew up and bared its fangs

As she reached to quench a cough

But, the toad then hopped inside her cup

And scared the serpent off


The princess jumped and she did scream

As she watched the snake slide away

Then she saw the toad inside her ale

And gleefully she did say


“Thank you, toad, for your bravery

Your rescue did dismiss

That evil snake from biting me

And now you’ve earned a kiss!”


The princess leaned into the toad

And gave him one quick peck

Then, magic swirled and danced around

From his toes up to his neck


The prince changed right before her eyes

And happily ever after they would be

Though he wasn’t full of handsome looks

Then again, neither was she.


The End

5 thoughts on “The Serpent and the Toad

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