Dark Lady

His slumber is filled with visions of her beauty and magic. She charms him with a voice calming to his soul. Night and day he rides in search of her. Through villages, across the prairie, upon the desert, and through the deep forest, ever searching. She beckons to him in brief dreams, seducing his waking moments. He is possessed with one desire, to know her embrace. Onward he rides calling out to his dark lady.

2 thoughts on “Dark Lady

  1. Very romantic. I have a few (dozen *cough*) written like this myself scattered about different books, lol.

    That search for romance. For the one female/male that touches everything and makes everything okay… there just for you… like a gift. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. It is s theme I ponder from time to time. Maybe a fascination with Zep’s ‘Ramble On’ in my case. Something about that search that never ends, always haunting the tortured soul. Thank you for reading.

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