Sometimes a voice speaks what you need to hear

Other times, your hearts biggest fear

Don’t let that hold you down

Your life is an old playground

It should be colorfilled just like the clothes worn by a clown

Don’t be discouraged wearing a frown

You’ll feel all the renown

Never forgetting your home town

If I was able I’d fix it all

Make our feelings fall out of thrall

Give us a chance to breath and see

Hearts filled with simple glee

Wash away all negativity

For you, not even me

Where light is all that will shine

Everyone you’ve ever loved can still be fine

All the things you wish you knew

Could no longer make a center blue

Help one another see inside

Even there, no place to hide

Sometimes if left long enough wounds begin to rot

Sometimes it’s best to be the only one you’ve got

People don’t need others, it is only a dream we allow ourselves to believe

The things felt aren’t for others to conceive

Understand, or recieve

Sometimes there is no reprieve

All that’s left is to grieve