Tear for two

Her words are carved deep into the signposts of this journey. She speaks with a wisdom, a knowledge of life, it should require lifetimes to amass.

She captivates me. Delighting me with her stunning tales of torment. Allowing me to know her sorrow. To caress her pain. I had thought once, they were a cry for help. I have come to discern, to appreciate fully, that she simply reflects my own despair.

As words spoken into a deep and wide canyon, her utterances, are as an echo reverberating back to me. Delivered by her voice calm and sweet her tear stained narrative seduces my soul.

She makes me laugh as often as we share a tear. Though it is the misery which has bound we two together. To the affliction of adoration we are tethered.

Reminding me of the heavy cost exacted in anguish born of having danced too long with heartache.