Ode to Lady Le Rouge

In a parallel universe, a land only similar to our own, filled with swords and sorcery, demons and vampires, and dragons, our tale begins.

On the outskirts of New Orleans, sets a once glorious castle. The decay and ruin, painting a picture of the despair and loss felt across this region.

Inside the crumbling gothic walls, dwells the most beautiful maiden, Morgaine Le Rouge, the last of a once noble and powerful family. Flowing black hair, dark eyes, an alluring face, and the most dead of hearts beating inside a shapely, pleasing form. She was rescued by a runaway slave woman, during the onslaught that befell this place years ago.

Lady Le Rouge, having mastered the darkest of necromancy arts, has returned to these defiled lands of her childhood home, in the hopes of communicating with her murdered mother. The only other desire driving the dark haired beauty is to exact vengeance on those who stole her life.

It Is from here, our Lady will take up the mantle of leader.  A band of warriors, forged by prophecy will reveal themselves to her. Together they will confront an evil far greater than any of them had imagined.


(This character is part of a planned series of short stories currently underway.)

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