Lanham’s cinquain

I enjoy playing with cinquain poetry from time to time.  The rules are simple in an American cinquain. Line one, 2 syllables, line 2 gets 4 syllables, line 3 you need 6 syllables, line 4 it’s 8 syllables, and the 5th line is back to two syllables.

I do on occasion use a more colorful language, so please forgive me that, ahead of time.



Girl my old friend

How are you, I am fine

Do you recall the love we shared

Me too


In there

You will find it

How much do you require

Take the whole thing it won’t expire




About what now

Always the same it seems

Your wants over the best for us

Fuck you


At last

Is what she said

After finding the one

She can no longer live without

Not me



I call her that

In our time of passion

With the lights low or anywhere

I’m hers


Have you

Can you say it

Without hesitation

You loved her first without failing

Thought not

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