The Big Bundle

Now, seeing as how I’m as fresh as a new-born babe to writer aspiration, I’ve decided to try broad spectrum experimentation. I am placing it here, wanting to keep you all apprised of any gathered information. With hopes that it may help some of you along your way, as well. In explanation, I have decided to throw my work out to all so-called hybrid publishers. Having only submitted my work to the one, I want to get a feel for a few others, obtain some insight. I’ve got 25 Hybrids that I’m using my work to test. I will post any relevant information I gather. Anyone with questions about the one Hybrid publisher I’ve been considering may e-mail me at 🙂 Feel Free


Sometimes a voice speaks what you need to hear

Other times, your hearts biggest fear

Don’t let that hold you down

Your life is an old playground

It should be colorfilled just like the clothes worn by a clown

Don’t be discouraged wearing a frown

You’ll feel all the renown

Never forgetting your home town

If I was able I’d fix it all

Make our feelings fall out of thrall

Give us a chance to breath and see

Hearts filled with simple glee

Wash away all negativity

For you, not even me

Where light is all that will shine

Everyone you’ve ever loved can still be fine

All the things you wish you knew

Could no longer make a center blue

Help one another see inside

Even there, no place to hide

Sometimes if left long enough wounds begin to rot

Sometimes it’s best to be the only one you’ve got

People don’t need others, it is only a dream we allow ourselves to believe

The things felt aren’t for others to conceive

Understand, or recieve

Sometimes there is no reprieve

All that’s left is to grieve


Paddle that boat out onto the pond

Jump out, look beyond

Snakes wrap you, while fish snap you

Up inside the chest that never reached the sheltered canyon

A world of dust, this puddle becomes

Sand scrapes the throat

Blasting through every pore you have

Burning it’s way to the air

Inside you that is only borrowed

Growing the tree that was never there

Hidden in the bow tied around your hair

Bound by the clasp that came with the paddle

That angled the boat out onto the water

Thus inviting the snakes, closing the chest

That wasn’t headed for any destination

Symbolic Nineteen

Hindrances harboring hindsight, hastily hewn, heavily heaved hesitation, harboring harebrained hillbilly, handmade hazelnut honestly honed, hooey humorously held hostage

Exceeding enigmas, evenly enumerated excellently, enticing established engraving, expressly emerging enthusiasm excluding extroverted energy, eclaircissement expressionlessly extracted each evening

Quickly quizzed quibble, qualified quirky quip, quivering qoutes quarreling quietly, quenched queries quest quite quaintly, quadrupled quantifiability, qualified quackery

Under ungainly undertakings, universally unprecedented unitary urges upended, until unpacked umbrage undoes uneasiness, unlike unearthed unity, untainted ultimatum unopposed

Peeling pedantic prose, planted profoundly, proffered platitudes placed, purely programmable pardons pilfered, pleasantly placated pilgrims peruse paranormal parallels passionately

Treading trivial testimonies, traced tightly, turning triumph torrid, textured theories transparently tumbled, trepidation teritorialized talkativeness telekinetically transmitted thoroughly throughout

Symbiotic symmetry swelling subliminal scrivening samples, sojourning silently, submerged soliloquy slightly sending sounds, solidly surrounding, scribbled salutations swaying serenely

Aptitude ageing, advisories abandoned, apocalyptic agent aggrieved, analyzed affixer amplifying alchemical acumen among amply azure affirmations afixed as akimbo

Crumbling castles cast clear chaos, crying carrion crisping callously, cadavers crushed calmly, carried cautiously, containment crawling creepily, coffin contains

Bouncing balls bust brickabrack beautifully brung bountiful breakage, blue billiards bespoke, bemused bystanders bellow belligerently between broken balanced bewitching

Zephyrs zigzag, zapping zombies, zodiac zenith zeroed zestfully, zooming zippers zinctified, zipless zeal zoned zincky, zipping zooted zips zag


A butterfly sent to perch upon the nose

Likely to flutter its wings while in repose

Gather the image of fragrant things, as away it goes

Majestic Monarch in mid-flight,

Reaching new height

Placing itself on every petal

Ample proof of natures mettle

Ever changing, refusing to settle

Harmony without, so within

Nuture the ever present kin

Picturesque soothing internal din

Beguiling perception of all thats needed lying within

Providing an unvarnished grin