Dark Like Me

Off the Top

Lungs burning, knees aching, twigs snapping under my bare feet as I dash through dark woods behind my house. The cool autumn breeze blows in my face causing my vision to blur. Birds fly away and owls hoot as I whisk pass the trees in the dead of night. A tingling pain in my knuckles radiates up my arms.

I stumble but catch myself. There is no going back after what I’ve done. No one to help me.

Beads of sweat slide down my face. I feel my curly black hair cling to it. I finally stop once I’m sure I’m away from the house. Collapsing on the wet ground, I hang my head and sob. The sobs turn to hysterical cries, cries for help, cries to stop the ache.

.Looking at my knuckles, I clench my fists. I bring them up to my eyes and cry. Banging my fists on my forehead, I wish nothing ever happened.

My tears dry. I stand up and look towards the full moon. Inhale as deep as I can.

Then, I let out the loudest scream ever.

The rest of the birds in the trees scatter away into the dark skies. I am alone, screaming for mercy.





Speak Up

(Looking for a critique partner for this. Please. Or an editor.)

Living in Angola, Africa, 18-year-old Brackston Jenning’s life is suddenly turned upside down. His father receives a letter from the American Embassy stating they have an opening for a job in his father’s profession. Shy, Brackston is excited about the move because it means his family will be able to make more money. Yet, it plagues him horribly because he has to completely uproot everything, everyone, and the only thing he knows and loves.   
Carnise Harris has always been dark-skinned, yet has always been very comfortable in her own body and doesn’t allow the people who believe her dark skin is an imperfection to get her down. She is strong and independent. Unlike Carnise, the light-skinned Mizett gets more attention. Carnise doesn’t care about attention; she just wants to be successful. However, things begin to come to an abrupt end when Mizzy and Nisey’s mother tries to come back into their lives.   

No Illusion

Bad boys are kind of Azaireyah Calhoun’s thing.  Rough, tough, hardcore, drug-dealing, prison-time bad boys.  She wants to help them change.  Time and time again she is disappointed.  The final straw is when her boyfriend tries to get her convicted when he goes to jail.  She can’t take it anymore.  Weary from failed relationships, Azaireyah ends up dragged along to her best friend’s church.  Life seems to make a miraculous 180.  Maybe it’s the church, but maybe it’s the boy she meets at the church.

The pastor’s son, Saturniano ‘Santos’ McDaniel, might just change her perspective of things.  However, her relationships so far have been built on materialistic things. Giving up that lifestyle is harder than Azaireyah suspected.  Now she’s faced with a choice: a whole new life with Santos or a life filled with fancy jewelry and jail-time boyfriends. She isn’t the only one with a choice though.  Santos has to make one too: his father’s approval or the girl that he needs.

Picked: A Melanin Tale

17 year old, Nubia Kaikara Lockenight has been plagued by bullies about her dark skin since elementary school. When the harassment finally takes a turn for the worse, her parents have no choice but to put her in rehab. After completing her six-month stint, Nubia feels better than ever and could care less who says what about her skin color. However, she faces a bigger problem once she gets back into the swing of things at home and her past demons come back to haunt her. Can she push pass them and become the successful young lady her parents want her to be? More importantly, can she become the person her sisters need? Or will she let the demons corrupt her into the life she once lived?

Without Will

Cambria has always followed her own sets of rules, unlike her mother who believes catering to her husband is what will make him stay. Having dinner on the table at the same time every night, dishes were done, house clean, children attended to, and being a stay at home mom. Also, believing that girls don’t go to college. These things are not what Cambria wants for her life. She wants to go to college to be somebody and not depend on a man. However, her plans are put to a halt when her mother decides to marry Cambria off to Fiacre Ellison.