Symbolic Nineteen

Hindrances harboring hindsight, hastily hewn, heavily heaved hesitation, harboring harebrained hillbilly, handmade hazelnut honestly honed, hooey humorously held hostage

Exceeding enigmas, evenly enumerated excellently, enticing established engraving, expressly emerging enthusiasm excluding extroverted energy, eclaircissement expressionlessly extracted each evening

Quickly quizzed quibble, qualified quirky quip, quivering qoutes quarreling quietly, quenched queries quest quite quaintly, quadrupled quantifiability, qualified quackery

Under ungainly undertakings, universally unprecedented unitary urges upended, until unpacked umbrage undoes uneasiness, unlike unearthed unity, untainted ultimatum unopposed

Peeling pedantic prose, planted profoundly, proffered platitudes placed, purely programmable pardons pilfered, pleasantly placated pilgrims peruse paranormal parallels passionately

Treading trivial testimonies, traced tightly, turning triumph torrid, textured theories transparently tumbled, trepidation teritorialized talkativeness telekinetically transmitted thoroughly throughout

Symbiotic symmetry swelling subliminal scrivening samples, sojourning silently, submerged soliloquy slightly sending sounds, solidly surrounding, scribbled salutations swaying serenely

Aptitude ageing, advisories abandoned, apocalyptic agent aggrieved, analyzed affixer amplifying alchemical acumen among amply azure affirmations afixed as akimbo

Crumbling castles cast clear chaos, crying carrion crisping callously, cadavers crushed calmly, carried cautiously, containment crawling creepily, coffin contains

Bouncing balls bust brickabrack beautifully brung bountiful breakage, blue billiards bespoke, bemused bystanders bellow belligerently between broken balanced bewitching

Zephyrs zigzag, zapping zombies, zodiac zenith zeroed zestfully, zooming zippers zinctified, zipless zeal zoned zincky, zipping zooted zips zag

Guardians of the Seven Gods

Xia Leafsong is the best Templar the Temple of Seven Gods has seen in a hundred years. Though her reputation as the Crimson Blade makes her legendary, she finally meets her match against the Black Wolf. This encounter changes everything as the death god awakens from his slumber and pulls them both into a world of gods, love and betrayal.



A butterfly sent to perch upon the nose

Likely to flutter its wings while in repose

Gather the image of fragrant things, as away it goes

Majestic Monarch in mid-flight,

Reaching new height

Placing itself on every petal

Ample proof of natures mettle

Ever changing, refusing to settle

Harmony without, so within

Nuture the ever present kin

Picturesque soothing internal din

Beguiling perception of all thats needed lying within

Providing an unvarnished grin


Does she still laugh at silly things. I haven’t heard it for so long. There was a time back before our lives took separate paths, when we would finish one another’s sentences. Her laugh would hold me spellbound, it was like an addiction I craved. That kind of connection in my experience is rare. I have never known another that way. I have known a deep love, but that was a unique bond shared between two. Life, love, work, and it seems time itself came between us. I do cherish the laughter we shared, even more so now. I can’t help but wonder after these years of being apart if those days, those fleeting precious moments really, still surface on days like today in her mind. Are there times when she needs a friend, and she can recall that gentle flowing conversation. Do her memories include visions of the young man who gladly played her clown. Just so he could catch a glimpse of her smile and hear her sweet laugh. She likely packed it away neatly. I may just be longing for a time when everything made sense. When the uncertainty of tomorrow held magical possibilities. She would say no regrets, live and laugh.

Merry Christmas

Ron L

Longing in Reality

He catches a glimpse of it often. Though it never manifests straight on. Only revealing itself, in his peripheral. The sight is enough to chill his soul.  He accepts that it serves to torment him. To render his punishment for the failings inherent with mortality.   Disturbing his slumber, bringing terror to the cold darkness of isolation. Serving as a reminder of what he can no longer know.  A vision of what might have been had her love remained. His eyes though, fully see the truth and longing in reality.